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Miss sara foxxx portland fbst in all red

About Me and You. 

Hello There and Welcome to my neck of the woods soon to be your neck of the woods when your with me! 


I'm a very simple gal and I know many of you prefer to not have to sort thru tons of this and that of rules and what you can and cannot do or say or sit or touch or reach or well..... You get the idea. :)

So Ill keep it short and sweet (like me) and to the point!

Prostate Massage

FBSM & FBST Services

Deep Tissue Massage

2 Massage 0ptions to choose!

Happy Ending



Portland FBSM Services

My specialty is a Deep Tissue Massage but If you would like a Light Soft, Sensual Massage and light touch then I can do that for you too.


My massages are focused on every muscle kneading out the kinks and cramps in your neck, upper back and arms all the way down your legs and including that special muscle in between your legs along with your manly parts rubbing you every inch of the way while your face down on my table but that is only half of what you will enjoy but the other half when you flip over is ...


A wonderful happy ending of a prostate massage, oral(bj) and hand or both!

Portland Prostate Massage Services

If you want the best Prostate Massage in Portland Oregon, then Saraofpdx will provide you with a sensual anal massage with an enjoyable oral or hand finish ending or both.


I specialize in a very soft, enjoyable, milking your prostate of all of your  juices!


They say a prostate massage on a regular basis is less likely to have prostate issues down the road so lets start them early as we can and allow me to be your Pleasure Girl!

Other Services Provided

- Portland Deep Tissue Massage Services

-2 options to choose from for happy endings or you can choose both at no extra charge!

Prostate Massage ending and Oral ending or both!

- Multiple Shots On Goal aka "MSOG"

Thank you for reading my short and sweet do's and dont's but the most important do is that youpick up that phone and give me a call! :)

You’ll be pleasantly pleased you did!

I’m looking forward of draining you of all of your lovely man juices one rub at a time!

Rubs and Releases with Love!




The Dont's...


  • I am NOT a gfe or full service provider.

  • I don't offer gfe or full service so please don't ask but if you should feel the need to ask I will simply answer you with....

"Im hungry, go make me a sammich and when your done you can go stand in the corner now."

Which if your not sure what that means Ill break it down for you clearer.....

It means.... NO!

And if your still unsure then if you don't see it on my website then that means its not offered so kindly please don't ask me when your inquiring as it puts my mood from a YES to a NO.


                                             Thank-you! :) 

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